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Saturday DJ

On Saturday nights, we have Live Country Music, from a selection of the UK's best Artists, plus our resident DJ Ghostrider to cater for your requests and play Country Music.


It's Country Music all evening on Saturday nights as the theme is Country and Western unless stated otherwise. 

Special Artists

On Saturday 17th June we are proud to have The Breeze live on stage.  

The Breeze are a fantastic five person band, who first performed at The Western Frontier, entertaining the Pheonix Rebels at the CCN Awards.


We are now privileged to see them again this Summer.


Doors open at 7:00pm and limited tickets are on sale now for only £10.


If you would like any tickets please see or contact June.


We hope to see you there. 

Route 66 Linedance Event

This event will be taking place on the Sunday  6th August 2023

There will be 3 Brilliant Singers. 


It is a Country Music and Line Dance Ticket Event. 

Doors will be open 5pm

Tickets are on sale now for  £10

(Venue: Pheonix rebels, mere brow, Tarleton nr Southport/Preston)

For more information join the Route 66 Facebook Group:

To book tickets:

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