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The Jailhouse

The Jailhouse is a shop within the Phoenix Rebels Club, it has been running since May 2017 and has had 3 extensions. We sell a range of western, new, and second-hand items; including guns, rigs, boots, bags, clothing, hats, etc. If you are looking for your first outfit, or after something new, this is the place to look. The Jailhouse is open every Friday and Saturday night.

Thank you to everyone who has donated up to now, it means a lot and all the money that is made by the Jailhouse supports the Phoenix Rebels Club. 

We also have tabletops. Our next tabletop is Sunday, 25th June, you are able to book a table and sell any items you want to the public.  If you do want to book any tables, please contact Julie doors open at 11:00 am. 



Stock in the Jailhouse is usually changed and updated every week. There will always be new items to look at and try out. Please make sure to go in and have a look round often to see if there's anything that you would like. 


Donations are accepted in the Jailhouse. You can donate anything Western and they are very much appreciated. All donations help support the Phoenix Rebels Club and ensure that the Jailhouse can keep going so that you are able to buy items. 

Need some help?  Want to donate or know more?

If you would like to donate; see if there are any items that you are looking for specifically; or want to know something about the shop, you can get in contact with Julie or June.

June operates the shop every Friday and Saturday night. She has been working there since the Jailhouse opened and has been a massive help in selling and receiving items. 

Contact June  

Phone Number: 07952 978116

Jailhouse Service
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